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Hello, this blog is meant to work alongside the www.fforestfachhistory.com website, the purpose of the blog is a more efficient way of posting images and information on a regular basis which will hopefully achieve a better sense of two-way communication.

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Early photo of Fforestfach Cross looking East towards Swansea, around the 1930s, used with Swansea Museum’s kind permission. (Click image for larger view).

Taken from the middle of Carmarthen Road, roughly at todays’ 2011 traffic lights in the middle of the left-hand lane and parallel to the current Marquis car park, either lunch time or late afternoon judging by the school children.

From the left: A shoe shop run by Dan Thomas during the 1920s. Next, the double fronted Hudson’s bakery shop, with a flat capped man waiting in the doorway and the bakery at the rear, with library and reading rooms on the first floor. The male crowd standing round a man with a newspaper and near a street lamp could be either gas or electric?  On the opposite side of Ravenhill Road two children stand looking towards the camera.  The *red bricked London House, with the possibly of Mr William Davies in the doorway who ran an ironmonger and stationers during the 1920s and related to the Hocknell family. The building behind with the small spire is Jerusalem Chapel, Methodist (1910).  Next, the double chimney of the Co-operative building with two chimneys and eight fireplaces, built around 1910, during the 1930s the library was moved to the first floor of this large building. The building to the right, is poll stone fronted and a Hosiery business run by W. Williams and later went on to become the longstanding Post Office, which then moved next door. You can see the telephone poles running alongside the buildings on both sides of the road towards Swansea.  On the right hand side of Carmarthen Road the terrace houses were built prior to the 1879 OS map.  The car looks like a late 1920’s Model T Ford.  The nearest pair of shadows are of the Marquis Arms roof dormers, the building had a possible link to the Marquis of Worcester and the pub looks as if it was first leased in 1843.
*The matt red bricks looks like the same that was used in building of Gendros School (established 1897).

If you have anymore information about this image or factual information in and around Fforestfach, Cwmbwrla, Cockett, Cadle Caereithin or Gendros please leave a comment (on the right underneath heading) or for more detail contact me through my email address on www.fforestfachhistory.com.